Our mission — is to provide security for valuable assets of our clients,
as well as psychological comfort for people at work and in everyday life.

Areas of competence


It is implemented by the technical security systems. Its’ purpose is to find and prevent danger for the guarded object, notifying all the necessary agencies about possible risks and, in case of an emergencies, minimizing the threat to peoples’ lives and health, as well as on the spot mitigation of consequences.


Design and implementation of the engineering equipment systems is the foundation of any construction facility infrastructure. Design and installation of general utilities (water supply, heating, gas supply, sewerage) is required not only in construction, but in reconstruction as well. General utilities installation, considering all rules and regulatory requirements, provides a facility proper functioning.


We handle the informational assets safety. On the top of the complex security system is the analytical center. It allows to carry out its elements dynamic monitoring; fix, classify and analyze all the incidents, coordinate operations of all the agencies, make rightful decisions in case of emergencies, that threaten the facilities security.


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